Connecticut House in Progress

New Home for large family under construction. This is the second home to be designed for the this rare design loving husband and wife construction team.  The couple builds regular homes and extensions everyday. For themselves they wanted a home design    that above all else was a unique, wonderful, expression of their family's commitment to each other. They wanted a  home that inspired them and their  five children, a tribute in appreciation of their family's ancestors many of whom were in the construction trades.  There was also more unstated intention behind the husband and wife's quest for the  children's children to have a legacy place to celebrate family gatherings  large and small that would remain in place forever.

John Lentini, RA  -The structural resolutions, framing ,foundations, the overall elegant efficient structure   was brilliantly held together in the wizardry hands of the multiple expertises of John Lentini Architect.

Shout out to Tomasz & Kasha Majkut- Who provided early support with renderings, models & drafting.

The house was strategical set to be seen  from the end of the driveway after working through at least six other options. The site engineer Donald Smith PE. was a dream of a team player who  tolerated the many changes required during the design process with the client genuinely recognizing the improvements that were taking place in the process.

Once the final location was determined the entire floor plan was reversed completely to accomodate the topography  for one factor among many. The solution was a revelation for everyone at the time.

Architect working on a full scale template of the #16 address to be built into the railing above the main entrance. The inspiration came from the famous #5 painting  by 1928 #5 painting by Charles Demuth (attached below)




Front Elevation Progress photo

Three to five car garage with four children's bedrooms and two full bathrooms above. Balcony in the center with access to two bedrooms and bath room.

East side of house . All the family members ride dirt bikes as well as bull dozers.

The architect hanging off the roof is photo shopped.

These 7 boxes or coins  represent the 5 childern and 2 parents. These boxes and bands are colored. One specific color represents each family member. The boxes to the right will be in grey tones to respect the shadow side of every personality. This emblem is repeated at the front door.  The top area represents the sun along with sun ray vectors striking through the bands. The web master will post the colored rendition asap.

This is the first floor plan- In the long run a  partial aesthetic curved see through  "privacy" screeen wall will tie the front areas into 3 components - A- the formal court yard......B- the garage parking driveway area.......C- The garden court yard

More plans, photos, and illustrations to follow 

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